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Commercial Tenant Representation in Columbus, Ohio

Recognizing that real estate decisions have a significant impact on the bottom line, our professionals help tenants identify and align strategic business, financial, and operational objectives with real estate requirements. Whether we are providing clients with acquisition, disposition, relocation, consolidation, or sublease services, Newmark Knight Frank's tenant representation services are distinguished by our in-depth knowledge of global markets, combined with strategic problem-solving abilities and nearly a century of innovative deal making.

Tenant Representation Services include strategy development, build-to-suit planning, demographic analysis, logistic/distribution services, market analysis, cost of occupancy analyses, and negotiations. Our brokers can also integrate additional tenant services, such as Project Management, Facilities Management, and Lease Administration.

Newmark Knight Frank's team of experts will analyze your business goals and develop executable strategies and an implementation plan to achieve the optimal real estate decision for your organization. Our efforts will focus on the immediate and long-term benefits that your real estate will contribute to your business.

Benefits to Clients

Newmark Knight Frank's Brokerage professionals excel at every stage of the Tenant Representation Process, and will deliver concrete benefits to your company.

Maximum Value

Newmark Knight Frank's Tenant Representation approach leads to the most cost-effective, flexible, and functional occupancy solution.

Best Price

The orchestration of competition in the market among landlords will result in the most competitive offer.

Support for Decision Makers to Make Best Real Estate Selection

We will equip your company with superior information and expert guidance.

Alignment of Real Estate With Business Objectives

Newmark Knight Frank will help your company arrive at the best business decision, meeting or exceeding all fiscal, workforce, and operational objectives.

Protection of the Value of your Company’s Investment

The occupancy strategy will address both current and long-term requirements, which is key to value protection.

Safeguard for your Company’s Interests

Our sole commitment is to our clients. We negotiate terms and conditions that are in the best interest of our clients


Newmark Knight Frank's ability to develop an ideal occupancy solution within the context of your business strategies and to negotiate the most favorable terms is founded on specific advantages.


Better deal terms, more flexible options, and optimal timing are only a few of the benefits we achieve for tenants because of the experience of our tenant representation teams. Newmark Knight Frank's familiarity with the markets enables us to benchmark costs accurately and learn about opportunities before they become available. Because our brokerage professionals average more than 15 years experience in the business – a remarkably high tenure in the industry – they bring a high degree of business acumen to each assignment.

Understanding clients’ businesses and needs

Innovative solutions result from Newmark Knight Frank's ability to integrate information about a client’s industry, business goals, and culture with our real estate knowledge and skills. The distinct advantage that our professionals add is the insight that comes from knowledge and experience.

Newmark Knight Frank Columbus, Ohio Commercial Real Estate Experts

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